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St. Colman Mac Duagh
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The Life of St. Colman Mac Duagh - A Miraculous Baptism
A Miraculous Baptism
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St. Colman Mac Duagh's Miraculous Baptism (560 A.D.)

Holy Well where St. Colman was Baptized (Corker, Ireland)

t. Colman's mother Queen Rhinagh, when in an advanced state of pregnancy in late 559 A.D., became the object of jealous hatred of her husband the King. The King had heard that according to a prophecy of authority his future son (St. Colman) was destined to surpass in greatness all the others of his illustrious lineage. Fearing the worst for her child still in her womb and for herself, Rhinagh was obliged to flee her husband's company. She was nevertheless caught by the King's men and cast with a heavy stone tied around her neck into the deepest portion of the Kiltartin river. Miraculously, Our Blessed Lord intervened, and in an instant, the heavy stone floated like a cork to the surface, bringing Rhinagh and her future offspring (St. Colman) safely to the river's bank.

Kiltartin River, Corker, Ireland
Kiltartin River, Corker, Ireland

Miraculous Stone
Miraculous Stone

She very soon after gave birth in the solitude at Corker, Ireland to Colman Mac Duagh, who was destined to bring to that region, "a thousand blessings which time has brought to ripeness." The anxious mother laid her newborn babe under the friendly shelter of a spreading ash tree and waited impatiently for the arrival of one who might pour on Colman's head the baptismal waters and in so doing grant her son Our Lord's Sovereign protection against the devil.

Through Divine Providence, two aged clerical pilgrims then approached the anxious mother, one being blind and the other lame. Unfortunately, there was no water to baptize the infant so they earnestly begged Heaven for a solution. God seconded their requests and a fountain gushed forth from under the shelter of the ash tree. They solemnly baptized the infant Colman and after administering the sacrament, the two pilgrims washed in the waters of the fountain and were both healed. St. Colman could be likened to Our Lord when He was a child fleeing from Herod, i.e., as he (Colman) was still in grave danger. The mother with full confidence entrusted St. Colman to the two holy monks for his safety and education in the Catholic Faith.

Preserved for more than 1400 years is the miraculous stone that floated bringing Rhinagh and her future offspring (St. Colman) to safety. The imprints from the rope that was tied around this miraculous stone are still clearly visible today. The miraculous stone now is displayed on the side altar of a historic Church in Corker, Ireland, adjacent to the Kiltartin river.

Pilgrim at Miraculous Holy Well of
St. Colman Mac Duagh in Corker, Ireland

The Holy Well where St. Colman Mac Duagh was baptized in Corker, is still a site of pilgrimage to this very day. It is held by the people of the area in the highest veneration. Miracles are still reported by pilgrims who bless themselves with the crystal clear water from this Holy Well.

100 Year Old Photo of St. Colman's Well in Corker, Ireland.
Pictured is the sacred spot where St. Colman Mac Duagh
was miraculously baptized as an infant. This Holy Well has
been venerated by the Irish faithful from time immemorial.

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